Pity Poems


i have every disease and abnormal condition that a human can possibly have

you should definitely not talk to me or ever interact with me because i will definitely ruin your life

i feel not okay about myself or anything that i have ever done and i want to lie face down on a bed but with mattresses on both sides of me like a sad human sandwich

a sad human sandwich that really has a good life but the fact that the sandwich still feels bad makes the sandwich feel even worse

other people in the world are starving to death and i wish that i could feed them this sad sandwich, but i doubt that it would even be good

inherently bad sad human sandwich


remembering a time 

in late 2012

when i went to a doctor

because of frequent panic attacks

he looked me in the eyes

and seriously asked me

if this had anything to do

with the upcoming end 

of the Mayan calendar

i said ‘no’

and he wrote me a 2mg 

xanax prescription

paleo diets

i’m sitting at a table in a bookstore

and Ben Gibbard from the band ‘Death Cab For Cutie’

is standing 15 feet away from me

holding a book about ‘paleo diets’

and i’m pretending to be working

on something important

and pretending that i’ve never seen

the Twitter account ‘Fat Ben Gibbard’

san pellegrino

man sitting on my porch

smoking unknown substance out of a san pellegrino can

i want to go inside

life like

life like the phrase ‘it’ll be as if i was never here’

a party but where everyone is crying instead

staring at a word for so long that it loses its meaning but with life